About Us

#HowToLife is a movement of high-school students mobilized together to lead their peers to stand and live for Jesus.

       We are #HowToLife — a fast-growing movement of Christian teenagers.  BransonHowToLife-8267

       We want to see our generation stand for Jesus.  We are burdened that our lost friends know so little about Jesus.  It saddens us when so many church friends don’t live for Jesus.  

       We have found that the most effective way to connect to the heart of our friends is when we do the sharing — not an adult.

       We also believe “life” for most of our friends happens in and around public school.  School (not church) is the center of our relationships, activities, and passions.  

Key:  Student Leadership

       We know we can be powerful leaders for God.  The Bible says, Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

      BransonHowToLife-0326 We don’t need to be entertained — we need to be challenged!  Ultimately, we need a mission!

And this is the mission we have chosen:  To unite together, pray, and impact our peers through powerful, catalytic student-led events, and challenge them to Stand for Jesus!

Here is how it works.

Key:  A Regional, Student-led Leadership team

Over the course of many weeks, we work hard to grow a team of Christian students that represent all regional high schools and numerous churches.  

We are finding the idea of a student-led, school-based, regional team of unified Christian student BransonHowToLife-0259leaders is an extreme rarity.  And yet the potential for Kingdom impact is remarkable.

Key:  Prayer Gatherings

At our meetings and gatherings, we pray together, we worship, we practice music and dramas, learn how to share our “hope stories,” raise money, and learn how to share the Gospel.  At school we wear our #HowToLife t-shirts, and invite our friends to the #HowToLife event.

By the time we get to the big event, almost every student in our schools will have heard about it.  We also will have personally invited every church youth group in our region to attend.

BransonHowToLife-0567Key:  Catalytic Outreach Event

#HowToLife events exclusively feature local high school students leading worship, dramas, and speaking.  We conclude with a clear presentation of the Gospel, and provide an opportunity for students to respond publicly to stand for Jesus.

We continue to be blown away — every #HowToLife event has seen a powerful response to the Gospel.  And guess who gets to meet with kids in the counseling room?  Us!  How neat to be used by God to help another student begin a relationship with Jesus.

Key:  Follow-Up

The follow-up of commitments and decisions is a high-priority.  We are so encouraged with #HowToLife BransonHowToLife-0544leaders who step up to mentor new believers in Jesus.  We partner with local churches, and continue to challenge students to boldly and daily live for Jesus.

The vision from here

We want to see more #HowToLife events built on principles that work!  

Also, we want to grow our social media strategy to further unite and propel this movement.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let’s continue to pray, and see what God will do!


If you’re a high school student, and you want to make a greater impact for Jesus, please consider joining the #HowToLife Movement.  Please contact us!  


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