June 4, 2018

by Jordan Whtimer

Amazing time in Germany!

The meetings in Europe have been incredible. Here is today’s blog entry by way of video. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and support! God bless you!

Please pray for Joshuwa and me as we meet with Christian leader students in Europe.

“HowToLife is Headed to Europe!”

By Jordan Whitmer
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Yesterday, I boarded a plane going overseas for the first time in my life.  For the first time, I am visiting the continent of Europe.  This trip, however, is no ordinary trip.

Three years ago, God put it on my heart to do something more to reach my friends for Jesus from around my community.  It saddened me that so many teenagers in my area did not know Jesus or want to live for Him with their lives.  It was this year, during my junior year of high school that I and some other Christian teenagers mobilized an event to share Jesus with the teens of our community.  This very first event, which we called HowToLife, had a huge impact for the Gospel in my community, leading many young people to seek Jesus from my community.  This event was led completely by teenagers, for teenagers.

Following this first event, little did I know that God would begin to use this unique movement of young people to impact teens all over the United States.  In just three years, the HowToLife Movement has had an impact on teenagers in 13 states, both U.S. coasts, and all four main time zones.

These HowToLife events have been successful and have had an impact because they are led completely by teens.  Teens listen to teens more than any other voices in their lives.  I believe fully that God loves using teenagers that have a pure heart and passion for Jesus to reach their friends with the Gospel.

Fast forward to now, I am currently on a trip focusing primarily on connecting with Christian teens in Germany, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  The continent of Europe has perhaps been the most Christian continent in the history of the entire world.  For centuries, Europe has been a center of global evangelism work.  Sadly, the young people here believe this is not so anymore.  Europe could likely be classified as one of the most “post-Christian” areas in the entire world.  It was only 75 years ago that nations such as the United Kingdom were a global force for Christ.  But now, Europe is full of old cathedrals and churches.  These buildings are used for many purposes, but rarely ones that involve Jesus.

One could make the case that Europe is “beyond reviving.”  But I have faith that God is great, and young people around the world are in need of Jesus more now than ever.  This opportunity to see HowToLife potentially spread to Europe is not something that I could have just concocted myself.  But because of the influence of social media and technology, God has been naturally opening many doors here overseas.  It seems teenagers that love Jesus are few and far between.  But there are some incredible young people that God has been raising up, for what I believe to be “for such a time as this.”

As my friend Joshuwa and I begin to connect with teens this week in Europe, we are expectant that God has something exciting and powerful in the works.  Since HowToLife has picked up this rapid pace of expansion, I have begun to dream and pray about what a truly international team of young people for Jesus could look like.

Will you join me?  Generation Z is in desperate need of Jesus, in the U.S., in Europe, and all around the world.  I believe that if some of the strongest Christian teens and young people in the world could come together for the cause of Jesus Christ, bypassing traditional international and denominational boundaries, there is absolutely no limit to what God can and will do.  We are in desperate need of revival, a youth movement to reach the world for Christ.

Please pray for safety, health and wisdom as we travel.  Also, please pray for open doors, and open hearts for our upcoming meetings with students in Europe.

If I could be even just a small part of what God is doing, I would be so incredibly humbled and honored.  I would love to invite you to follow this journey, and join what God is doing as well through prayer and support.  Time is short.  I cannot wait to see what God is going to do!

Watch this exciting new HowToLife video — we must win the battle for our generation!”

To follow Jordan and Joshuwa’s missionary journey to Europe….

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